The Grade 5 PYP Exhibition is quickly approaching. We have in fact already started the process with our students this week. The exhibition will be on 29 - 30 April (changed from 6 - 7 May). We will be spending the remainder of this week and next week tuning the students into the process, thinking about issues that interest them, and forming groups. Once we have groups formed, we would like to assign mentors to groups. Before we do that, we need mentors.

This is where you come in. Mentoring is a great chance to work with a group of students that you don't normally get to work with. It is also a great opportunity to see first-hand the culminating experience of the PYP, the Exhibition.

Done it before? We'd like to have your experience.
Never done it? We'd love to have your fresh perspective.
Usually work with older/younger kids? What better chance for you to get a fresh perspective on learning?
Normally in a support role? What better chance to use your skills with a small group of students as they work through this process?

Everyone is invited and everyone is welcome: Early Childhood teachers, Upper Primary teachers, Middle School teachers, High School teachers, Co-teachers of any grade-level, administrators, secretarial staff, Learner Support teachers, ANYONE.

Come to the Mentor Informational Meeting next Wednesday, 10 March, at 1:30. During this meeting, we will shed more light on this process, talk about how we are incorporating technology this year into the exhibition, and asking for volunteers to take part in this wondrous process.

Want to know more? Come to our meeting next week in room 308.

The Grade 5 Team